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Take Advantage of One of Our Durable PTFE Coatings!

December 10, 2014

Orion Industries Ltd, in Chicago, offers a wide array of fluoropolymer industrial coatings, including PTFE coatings, each holding their own performance features for whatever your requirements and specifications may be. With our innovative application techniques and over 50+ years of industrial coating service knowledge, Orion is your best bet if […]

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Benefits of Coating Systems in the Cheese Industry

November 12, 2014

Coating services should be considered if you’re in the cheese industry, as they offer numerous benefits that can impact the efficiency and profit of your operation. Let us first, however, look at some of the challenges that are faced by the cheese manufacturing industry and the types of equipment that […]

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Our Favorite Non-Stick Items Found in the Kitchen

October 29, 2014

For most people, cooking and baking is a pleasure. It brings family together, it is fun, and the result is almost always delicious. Items that have a non-stick coating make the task of cooking far more enjoyable, especially when it comes to the clean-up. Scrumptious omelets and tasty cakes lose […]

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How FluoroPlate Antimicrobial Coatings Are Made

October 22, 2014

Many biomedical industries that need to inhibit the spread of disease through communal use of materials seek FluoroPlate® antimicrobial (AM) coatings. The efficiency of FluoroPlate® AM industrial coatings in killing pathogens has been stringently tested in laboratories, which has led to confirmed pathogen kill rates of 99%. This specialized antimicrobial […]

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New and Improved Coatings for the Oil and Gas Industry

September 17, 2014

Orion Industries offers new and improved coatings for the oil and gas industry. With our innovative application techniques, and our nearly 60 years of coating knowledge, Orion has developed an environmentally friendly coating for the offshore sector, as well as coatings for filter tanks, small vessels, valves, and flange piping. […]

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Orion Celebrates Anniversary with Company Picnic

August 25, 2014

Orion Industries celebrated 50 years of success by throwing a picnic for all employees and their families on Sunday, August 24 at Jefferson Memorial Park. Illinois Senator John G. Mulroe and Alderman John Arena of the 45th Ward presented certificates of recognition to owner Bruce Nesbitt, in honor of his […]

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Teflon®-Coated Mesh Refines Industry

August 13, 2014

PTFE coating services for mesh screens are staples of the manufacturing world, often used in liquid and gas filtration, but also utilized in a variety of industrial applications ranging from the refining of petroleum to the fabrication of paper. The hydrophobic properties of industrial Teflon® coatings make the wire cloth […]

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Chicago’s Orion Industries Reaches Golden Anniversary

August 5, 2014

Chicago, August 1, 2014-Longevity is often a sign of excellence, and such is the case of Orion Industries as it celebrates 50 years of technological innovation in the field of functional coatings. Over this period, Orion has pioneered methods for using and applying low-friction and release coatings in ways that […]

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Direct-bond Bearings Challenge Inserts

July 2, 2014

  Coatings make more efficient use of bearing materials and eliminate secondary machining and installation. Dry, unlubricated insert bearings excel in jobs where it’s tough to maintain oil and grease lubrication. Applications for insert bearings include sliding and rotating rods in shock absorbers, air cylinders, gas springs, solenoids, valve shuttles, […]

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Improving the Surface Friction of Silicone Elastomer Parts

May 29, 2014

The relatively high coefficient of friction of silicone elastomers can limit the range of applications of these materials. A liquid silicone rubber top coat can be used to improve surface friction of silicone elastomer parts. It can be applied using conventional coating methods. The performance benefits it offers and potential […]

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