Quality Assurance

quality assurance testing

Unmatched Quality You Can Rely On

Orion Industries' quality assurance employs a continuous process improvement approach. We are an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified company that excels in the industrial coatings applications industry. A reason often cited by companies who use Orion as their single source of supply is, "They say what they do, and they do what they say".

Our fundamental goal is to consistently reproduce the precise coating application, time after time, part after part, using automated or semi-automated coating application equipment and a well trained and equipped staff.

In addition, Orion staff members are members of the American Society of Quality Control and rigorously follow American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) guidelines and procedures for testing fluoropolymer coatings.

Our preparation techniques for production work are exactly the same as those that we establish during the prototype coating of a part. We do not deviate from the prototype production sequence once a job is tested and customer-approved for production. We test the method used in the production of prototypes to verify production parameters. We work with you, the customer, to establish the inspection parameters and recommend that our customers have the same testing equipment and protocol as we use in our facility.

Precision machine application accuracy, where possible, assures customers that the production components they assemble, sell, or use, are processed by Orion Industries in the same exact manner as the initial pieces we coated as prototypes.

Quality Assurance Testing Devices and Tools

Using more than 100 quality control devices and tools, we measure specific parameters for an individual lot or part, appropriate for your part's end use or application.

  • Electronic non-destruct coating film thickness gauges
  • Holiday (coating porosity) testers
  • High pot (coating porosity) testing
  • Quality control computers
  • Quality control software
  • Air gauges with computer output
  • Specialized micrometers and bore micrometers
  • Go/No Go gauges
  • Laser and LCD micrometers
  • Stereo microscopes
  • Electronic digital stereo microscopes
  • Computerized thermocouple oven tracking system
  • Adhesion and cure testing equipment
  • In-house laboratory to test materials and component parts supplied by customers
  • Abrasion testing machines
  • Crosshatch and boil test equipment
  • Friction testing equipment
  • Hardness testing equipment

Quality Control Job-Tracking System

Our barcode job-tracking system can verify adherence to our production sequence at any stage of production, in real time. The system includes tracking of operators performing the operation; material and part lot control and includes quality control steps that cannot be bypassed. The system provides a unique element of control for multi-shift operations needed to process large jobs. This ensures that quality procedures that are instituted in the day shift cannot be bypassed on a subsequent second or third shift.

Quality. Delivered.

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