Food Processing

Non-Stick PTFE Coatings for Food Processing

Orion a licensed applicator of Chemours industrial Teflon® coatings, PPG/Whitford Worldwide and other specialty coating manufacturers. All of the non-stick PTFE coatings for food processing we apply comply with FDA regulations in 21 CFR governing components of coatings for direct food contact when applied according to manufactures' instructions. Orion has over 50 years of experience with food contact coatings.

Commercial Food Processing Equipment PTFE Coating Refurbishment Service

Orion's Refurbishment Services for the non-stick release of high-volume cooking and baking surfaces for commercial food processing lines provides renewed non-stick surface service life. Each type of cooking or baking device has somewhat different end-use requirements. We provide a restored surface to provide long-term performance of our non-stick coatings for food processing, including premium non-stick, FDA approved, food contact coating materials, such as PTFE application of Teflon® coatings.

Our Teflon® coating services and refurbishment starts with a careful removal of all food products and the entire original nonstick coating (fig. 1 - part as received). The result is a precisely textured and cleaned surface, providing a foundation to restore the non-stick properties.

Orion has perfected the coating removal process with automated machinery that creates the optimum clean, textured metal surface. We prevent over-roughening of the substrate due to excessive grit blasting. This closely controlled procedure maintains the substrate and maximizes the production life of your asset (fig. 2 - cleaned and retextured). We then apply a premium grade non-stick coating materials to restore the non-stick properties (fig. 3 - first base coat).

The result is a restoration process that maintains the life of our customers' food processing equipment as long as possible. Our surface renewal process and PTFE application provides consistent and predictable service life.

Reliable and consistent turnaround of restored commercial surfaces is a primary focus at Orion Industries. In the 60 years we have provided non-stick PTFE coatings for food processing equipment, we have invested and developed optimized equipment to effectively remove and restore product surfaces (see image of completely refurbished waffle mold).

We can process hundreds of production line components per day and have an extensive arsenal of cleaning and coating equipment with multi-shift production teams. We provide the shortest turnaround cycle possible to keep your operation flowing smoothly. We stock an extensive inventory of fluoropolymer and silicone coating materials to provide a reliable and consistent refurbishment and recoating service.

Non-stick waffle molds

Chemours Teflon® PTFE coatings and also PPG/Whitford Worldwide non-stick technologies are two of the licenses for which Orion has been certified for over 50 years.

Orion can make any coating Anti Microbial upon request.

Industrial Teflon Coating for Roller Grills

Hot Dog Roller Grill

Teflon® Non-Stick Coated Waffle Iron

Teflon® Non-Stick Coated Bakeware

Teflon® Non-Stick Coated Food Processing Equipment

Teflon® Non-Stick Coated Bakeware

Teflon® Non-Stick Coated Chicken Rotisserie

Teflon® is a registered trademark of Chemours and is used under license by Orion Industries, Ltd.