West Bend

westbend_logoA U.S. manufacturer of bread makers


They had been unsuccessful with their current coating system, and needed assistance in identifying a better coating. Once the coating was identified, they required Orion's coating application services to help meet their large production requirements.


To roll out the new product in time for the Christmas shopping season.


westbendbreadmakerThere was little time left to accomplish this, and the window of opportunity to get the product to market was closing. Orion went to work, identifying other options and providing samples for testing. Once the best coating was identified, Orion engineered a cost-effective process to apply the coatings and helped the manufacturer meet their production requirements for the Christmas season. Orion was recognized as playing a significant role in helping West Bend get its product to market. Accordingly, Orion earned the sole source of supply for this product -- the ultimate display of West Bend's confidence in our service.