Industrial Coatings and Services

With 60 years of experience formulating and applying functional coatings, Orion Industries is the most automated and reliable industrial coatings and services company in the industry. We’re unmatched in our fierce approach to quality excellence, the science of coatings, experience coating parts for 25+ diverse industries, values-driven culture, and trusted customer partnerships - from first visit to delivery of their coated parts.

Your Functional Coatings Application Partner

When you partner with Orion for your project, we collaborate with you from an engineering approach to understand your unique product and performance requirements. We know how important it is for your project to succeed. Our goal is to take away your headaches and frustration – to make this a “win” for you.

You get our extensive coating expertise and advice in selecting the optimal coating and application process for your specific product performance requirements. Other coating companies may back down from a difficult project, but we say, “Bring it on.” We welcome the challenge. It’s part of our DNA.

Our quality, delivery, efficiency, and customer service exceed the capabilities of any competitor. Where others may struggle, Orion delivers with:

  • On-time delivery with a proven track record, and ability to expedite orders
  • High-volume, automated production equipment
  • Computer controlled, micron accurate coating lines
  • Ability to apply a wide variety of coatings to a wide range of substrates
  • In-house quality control laboratory and testing facility
  • ISO 9001 Certified, AS9100 Certified and ITAR Registered
  • Ability to remove old coatings and reprocess parts
  • In-house engineering and manufacturing of tooling, fixtures, and masks

Learn more about our extensive coating technologies and capabilities:

Functional Coatings

  • Teflon™ non-stick industrial coatings
  • Corrosion, chemical & wear resistant coatings
  • Dry film lubricants, including MIL specs
  • Consumer/FDA & antimicrobial coatings
  • Low friction coatings for silicone rubber

Specialized Functional Coatings

  • FluoroPlate® Coatings for a wide range of applications
  • FluoroGlass® Coatings for glass protection & safety
  • FluoroBond® low friction silicone & rubber coatings
  • FluoroDynamic® S advanced coatings
  • DB L-908™ conformable coatings

Innovative Coating Technologies

Orion’s innovative and advanced technologies are born out of an idea or solving a customer’s problem. Bring us your project requirements. We can help.

Quality Assurance. Delivered.

Quality is a pathway to performance. As an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified company, we employ stringent quality processes and over 100 monitoring tools & devices.

Expansive Production Equipment

Precise, automated high-tech equipment and processes for applying industrial coatings is the foundation of our consistent quality, delivery and customer service.

Specifications by Supplier & Industry

We’re a licensed applicator of over 100 coatings from leading manufacturers. Our coatings adhere to many automotive, aerospace, military and industrial specification codes.

Product Application Examples

See the many examples of nearly 50 different products and components we’ve coated.