Orion is truly the most automated and reliable functional coating application company in the industry. Our speed, efficiency, and quality far surpass the capabilities of any competitor. Where others struggle, Orion delivers with:

  • On-time delivery with a proven track record
  • High-volume production machinery
  • Ability to remove old coatings and reprocess parts
  • Computer controlled, micron accurate coating lines
  • In-house engineering and manufacturing of tooling, fixtures, and masks
  • Ability to apply coatings to a wide range of substrates
  • Ability to expedite orders
  • In-house quality control laboratory and testing facility
  • ISO 9001 Certified, AS9100 Certified and ITAR Registered

Automated Processes

Precise, automated application of functional coatings is the foundation of our consistent quality and delivery. Production machinery, tooling and fixtures are built in-house, enabling jobs to begin in weeks rather than months.

In addition, production lines are expandable by duplicating fixtures and running on parallel lines. Production consistency is maintained regardless of shift changes or the longevity of each project. A bar code scanned job tracking system is used on all jobs.

An in-house machine shop and fabrication facility enables our engineers to build everything from fixtures, ovens, racks and carts, to several automated spray/oven and computer-controlled production lines. Our staff includes engineers and technicians familiar with all machinery in order to maximize production up time. After setting up machines, operators are involved in the continuous testing and checking of coating attributes as our equipment provides consistent and precision coating application.

High-Tech Practices

The entire production structure of Orion is based on a computerized bar-code scanning system, which accounts for time, materials, and product flow through various operational sequences.