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The Leader in Industrial Coatings and Applications

The Leader in Industrial Coatings and Applications

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The Leader in Industrial Coatings and Applications

The Leader in Industrial Coatings and Applications

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The Orion Industries team takes pride in our industrial coating experience, expertise and capabilities, and the wide range of markets and industries we serve and array of products and parts we can coat. We are at the forefront of technical innovation, industrial coatings offerings and automated application techniques.

As a leader in industrial coatings services and coating application, we are continuously improving our processes and employing new technology to ensure we meet or exceed your product performance needs. Celebrating 60 years of experience, we have the expertise to solve your toughest challenges - whether you need non-stick or low friction properties or resistance from corrosion, chemical, wear or heat. We've got you covered.

Before recommending a specific coating and the best method for applying it, we work with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your product's material characteristics and the problems you're trying to solve. This allows us to make the best possible recommendation for a successful application and product performance.

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Orion stays current in the industry with our expert engineers and innovative coating techniques

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Serving the needs of engineers and manufacturers for over 60 years

Orion Industries is dedicated to enhancing the performance capabilities of your products. We are the leader in Halar, Xylan, Teflon PTFE coatings, and many other functional coatings. Our industrial coating services can eliminate product performance problems and improve functionality and in-service longevity.

Orion's reputation as an industry leader is built on taking a "Solutioneering" approach to determining the optimal coating and how best to apply it, to ensure it meets your product performance requirements.

Proudly serving customers locally, nationally and globally!

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