How PTFE Coatings Can Prevent Wear

Orion Industries, a pioneer in functional industrial coating services, has been revolutionizing surface engineering with our expert application of PTFE coatings since 1964. After 60 years of developing and applying functional coatings, Orion is synonymous with excellence in PTFE coating services, catering to our customers’ diverse needs across the globe.

Understanding PTFE Coatings

PTFE, or polytetrafluoroethylene, is renowned for its remarkably low coefficient of friction. This quality makes PTFE a cornerstone coating in industrial applications where reducing friction is paramount. PTFE not only improves functionality, but also significantly extends the lifespan of coated products and components by minimizing wear and tear from repeated use in service.

  • Abrasion Resistance. Abrasion, defined as the wearing or rubbing away by friction, is a primary cause of component failure across various industries. PTFE-based abrasion-resistant coatings are effective in prolonging the life cycle of parts and improving their performance. These coatings work by reducing the friction caused when components rub against each other, preventing scoring, galling, or sticking of mating components​​​​.
  • Variability in Composition. PTFE coatings can be purely PTFE-based or include other additives to enhance their wear resistance or increase lubricity. Additives like graphite and molybdenum disulfide, both inorganic solid-based lubricants, can be used alone or in conjunction with PTFE. They are particularly useful in applications where a component moves inside another, allowing the coating to transfer from the coated to the uncoated component, creating dual lubricating surfaces​​.
  • Modulus Value and Temperature Sensitivity. PTFE has a relatively low modulus value, meaning that its surface asperities can deform under heavy loads, potentially producing lower friction levels. However, the coefficient of friction for PTFE coatings increases with temperature, often due to the binders in the coating. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider temperature requirements when selecting the right coating, as the drag can increase significantly at higher temperatures​​.

PTFE’s Durability and Friction-Reducing Capability

PTFE coatings function by creating a barrier that dramatically lowers friction between surfaces in contact. This reduction in friction is crucial in preventing the degradation of parts, a common challenge in various industries. The unique properties of these coatings, including their thermal stability and non-stick nature, make them ideal for high-precision applications.

The application of coatings is transformative in market sectors requiring high durability and minimal maintenance. From automotive, aerospace, and chemical processing to consumer goods, commercial baking, and food processing, these coatings play a critical role in enhancing product life and performance.

Orion’s Expertise: Tailoring PTFE Coatings for Diverse Needs

Our proficiency in PTFE coating services stems from our team’s deep understanding of material properties and application techniques. We collaborate closely with our customers to identify the perfect coating solution and to ensure enhanced performance and durability of their products. Located in Chicago, our state-of-the-art facility near key transportation routes enables us to deliver our coating solutions efficiently across North America and beyond.

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