Coating Technologies

Research and development

Orion was born from curiosity. How can we find a better way? is a question we continuously ask. We continuously seek to improve and expand our available coatings and how to best apply them to our your industrial products and components.

Innovative and advanced technologies are incorporated into every aspect of our automated machine applications of coatings. We are the conduit to the worldwide industry of functional coating research laboratories and manufacturers, with access to cutting-edge functional coating technologies. Our in-house quality control and testing laboratory means you get lab developed, real-world tested results.

Many successful and pioneering applications start with a customer's idea or the need to solve a problem. Our in-house lab provides functional prototypes and is consistently utilized as a beta testing site for new coatings and applications. Our nearly 60 years of functional coating experience assures the best team is working on your solution.

Contact us to speak with an engineering consultant about how an applied coating can improve your company's products.