Specialized Functional Coatings

Several solenoid plungers

We are engineers first and prioritize a comprehensive understanding of each product's material characteristics. With our unique SolutioneeringTM approach, we consider the engineering and material needs of each individual project. We use this information to look for a solution using one of the functional coatings you see listed below to meet the needs of a product's end use. Click on any of the functional coatings you see below to learn more!


A wide range of coatings designed to offer non-stick, low friction, and/or high wear properties for your coating application requirements. 


Designers of medical devices can now have both a low friction PTFE coating and permanent, contrasting, highly visible marks within a medical grade PTFE coating. 

FluoroDynamic® S Advanced Coating

If you are satisfied with your normal Teflon, Moly, Nylon, or EFTE coating on your solenoids, allow Orion Industries to show you what a really close tolerance applied coating can mean to your production tolerances and solenoid life.

FluoroGlass® Glass Bonding Technology

FluoroGlass is a modified fluoropolymer that provides the ultimate in glassware protection and safety.

FluoroBond® CR For The Cheese Industry

FluoroBond CR coatings are a proven group of specially formulated coatings that help reduce labor and rejects in the cheese making industry. 

FluoroBond® LSR Friction Reducing Technology

FluoroBond LSR is a translucent matte coating designed to reduce the coefficient of friction (COF) and, hence, the friction force of molded silicone elastomers.

FluoroBond®-R Low Friction Rubber Coating

Friction fighting FluoroBond-R technology from Orion Industries improves your o-rings , rubber products including grommets, seal plates, plugs, or any form of rubber product by transforming the high friction rubber surface into a durable, low-friction surface by making your rubber parts slippery when dry. 

DB L-908 Conformable Coating

Increases efficiency of superchargers and rotary air compressors. Dramatically reduces precision machining requirements and costs