FluoroDynamic® S Advanced Coating

If you are satisfied with your normal Teflon, Moly, Nylon, or EFTE coating on your solenoids, allow Orion Industries to show you what a really close tolerance applied coating can mean to your production tolerances and solenoid life. FluoroDynamic® S can maintain coating thickness tolerances +/-5 microns with the special patented machinery developed by the Dimension Bond Corporation. Very heavy films of up to .015" can be applied and can be post-machined or post-ground to precision tolerances in your shop or ours. Some applications benefit from this post-machining technology, and we have the proven systems to work with your staff to provide this service.

Advanced Coating Technology Service Proven To Extend Solenoid Life

  • Orion applied coatings can be applied as thin as .0003" to a maximum thickness of .015".
  • Through patented Dimension Bond technology metering equipment, we can actually hold tolerances of +/-5 microns on any solenoid plunger surface.
  • Avoid a finish grind (6 Micro) - FluoroDynamic® S coating will smooth out a rough grand (30 Micro).
  • For ultra high-wear applications, the proven Dimension Bond composites L9, L21, and L23 are guaranteed to outwear and outlast and coating.
  • Replacing nickel and hard chrome is easy with this new composite technology. Test it yourself!
Dynamic coated solenoids

MYTH: Nickel or chrome plating is the best choice due to their high Rockwell hardness.

FACT: Our customers have found that the Dimension Bond composite materials, although they have a lower Rockwell hardness, have dramatically lower friction and longer wear in many applications. Test them yourself and you'll be a believer.