Different Applications for PTFE Coating

Since its discovery in 1938, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has been used in a variety of applications across a number of industries. PTFE coatings are primarily known to the general public as the basis of Teflon® coating, the solid polymer manufactured by Chemours. Teflon® is famous for its slippery properties, which makes it ideal for use in non-stick cooking pans-but this is not the only purpose that this substance can serve. In fact, Teflon®, or PTFE, is found in a large range of industrial environments, as its unique properties-it is also water-resistant, works well as an electrical insulator, and boasts a high melting point-provide a lot of benefits that can be exploited in many ways. Let’s explore the various applications for PTFE coating and how this substance enhances the usefulness of certain products.

Industrial Teflon® Coating Services For Food Handling

Teflon®/PTFE is widely recognized for augmenting the usefulness of utensils and bakeware involved with food preparation. Anyone with even the slightest experience with cooking knows that food has a tendency to stick to pots, pans, and similar surfaces. Traditionally it was necessary to use oils or sprays to remove all traces of food from the cooking material. The advent of PTFE-treated pans and related cookware, however, gave food preparation professionals a new option. Cookware with PTFE coatings form a non-stick surface that permits food to simply slide right off.

Furthermore, industrial Teflon® coatings can maintain their integrity even when exposed to high temperatures. The coating tends to break down only at a temperature exceeding that which might be reasonably expected to occur in a food preparation environment. This characteristic of a PTFE coating is particularly useful in fast food restaurants or any location where food must be prepared quickly-pots and pans with this coating require less cleaning and can be returned to active use in no time. In addition, industrial Teflon® coatings helps cookware resist the corrosive effects of salt, oils, and other substances used in kitchens. The coating can adhere to many types of surfaces, including aluminum as well as borosilicate and soda-lime glass. For professionals involved in the food industry, a PTFE coating is a cost-cutting vehicle.

Teflon® Coating Services for Industrial Machinery

Various kinds of machinery are vital for the proper functioning of many business sectors. But this type of equipment can be difficult to maintain properly, as frequent usage can cause various components to corrode and become inoperable. Also, the mere passage of time may result in the deterioration of expensive machinery. PTFE coatings can help prevent this type of damage and substantially lengthen the working lifespan of a machine.

The secret lies in the lubricating ability of PTFE. In general, the various moving parts of machines tend to generate a large amount of friction when they come in contact with one another; if unchecked, this phenomenon will cause major damage over time. But PTFE coatings significantly reduce the friction generated by the sliding motion of machine parts. In fact, few known substances even come close to the friction-resistant capabilities of PTFE. This characteristic helps prevent a major cause of wear and tear commonly sustained by industrial machines.

Moreover, this type of coating is resistant to a wide range of industrial chemicals, including but not limited to gasoline, acetone, ammonia, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, petroleum oils, amyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, chlorine, dioxane, and sodium hypochlorite. As a result, machine parts last longer, as they’re protected from the corrosive effects of various chemicals.

Finally, PTFE coating services carry the added benefit of enhancing the operating efficiency of a machine. This is related to the ability of this substance to reduce motion-impeding friction. Since these coatings can be applied to a broad assortment of machines, from tiny fasteners to large pumps, this feature is relevant to many kinds of machining environments.

The variety of applications for PTFE coating is vast. Due to these three characteristics of PTFE coating services – friction resistance, chemical resistance, and efficiency enhancement – this coating can boost a company’s bottom line by a sizeable margin.

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