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PTFE Coating Purposes for Machine Parts

Corrosion is one of the leading causes of degradation and failure of industrial equipment, making PTFE coatings a very important part of equipment manufacture and maintenance. Without proper industrial coatings, environmental and regular use can have drastic effects on valves, motors, pumps, fasteners, switches, belts, and other parts of your industrial machinery. External corrosion can be seen, but very little can be done once it has taken its course. The best solution to prevent corrosion is apply an industrial coating to vital parts, or parts most likely to be affected, or have a professional service apply the coatings for you.

The main cause of corrosion in industrial machinery is moisture in the air, and that the machine parts have not had sufficient coatings applied to them. Proper coatings on crucial machine parts will prevent corrosion, and extend the lifespan of your industrial equipment. Without the proper industrial coatings, the parts of the equipment will begin to corrode, because of unseen moisture in the air. A certain amount of moisture is always present in the air, making proper coatings all that much more important to insure the lifespan of your machinery.

OEM paints are not usually sufficient coatings to prevent corrosion in industrial machinery. They are fast curing, and most of the time not compatible with industrial paint systems, and need to be removed before applying any additional coatings. This will prevent lifting of the coatings after settling.

The leading cause of damage in industrial machine parts is corrosion of parts that have not received a proper industrial coating. Since moisture is always present in the air, in some environments more so than others, it is very important to insure long-term productivity from your industrial machinery by making sure crucial parts have sufficient coatings. The cost of these industrial coating services is minimal compared to the repair and maintenance costs that will be encountered by untreated machinery.

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