9 Lesser Known Industry Applications of Teflon®

Many people know that Teflon® is used as a coating in non-stick cookware products such as pots and pans. With this application, Teflon® creates a low-friction cooking surface that reduces stuck on food, cleans up easier and lets you cook with less fat.

However, there are a million other uses of industrial Teflon® coatings that can provide benefits outside of the kitchen from smooth, lubricated surfaces to protective barriers, chemical resistance, dielectric strength and more.

Teflon® Coating Possibilities Are (Nearly) Endless!

Teflon® is actually a trademarked brand name for the chemical compound PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) resin formula manufactured by Chemours. While Chemours produces a number of different versions of PTFE coatings for various industry applications, many other companies also produce PTFE coatings with similar non-stick properties and applications; those products are just known by other names and not quite as well known as the Teflon® brand. For example, other non-stick PTFE coating service brand names include Acheson Emralon®, PPG/Whitford Xylan®, Daiken®, and 3M™ Dyneon™ to name a few.

The exact formula for a Teflon® coating services, or alternate PTFE coating, will depend on the material it is being applied to, the required characteristics and the specific use. Those details may also determine whether the industrial Teflon® coating is applied as a liquid or powder, including the process of how the coating is applied. A few considerations for selecting the appropriate Teflon® coating service to produce required properties, include:

  • Surface to be coated – metal or non-metal
  • Required chemical resistance
  • Toughness of final product
  • Desired coefficient of friction
  • Appropriate abrasion resistance
  • Use conditions
  • Application – industrial, manufacturing, consumer, etc.

Unique Uses of Teflon® Coating Services Across Industries

Each industry includes various applications of Teflon® coatings for diversified purposes. Outside of the widely known PTFE coatings for pots and pans, a few different commercial sectors that use PTFE coating services or Teflon® coated products include:

  1. Appliances & Teflon® Coated Kitchenware 
    Teflon® coatings are applied to coffee maker parts, microwave dishes and ice cube trays
  2. Teflon® Coatings in Personal Care Products
    Teflon® coatings are applied to curling irons and hair straighteners
  3. Pet Industry PTFE Coating Service Applications
    Pet toys and dishes can be coated with Teflon®
  4. Food Industry Teflon® Applications 
    Teflon® can be used in cheese molds
  5. PTFE Coating Uses For Automakers and Car Part Manufacturing
    Carburetor parts, automotive plungers, bypass shafts and sleeves may be coated with Teflon®
  6. Commercial and Retail PTFE Coating Services
    Building escalators may have Teflon® coated kick panels
  7. Energy Sector Teflon® Practices
    Solar panel equipment can benefit from industrial Teflon® coatings
  8. Teflon® in the Construction Trade
    Tools and drill parts can be coated with Teflon®
  9. PTFE Coating Uses in the Safety and Security Market
    Door latches, lock parts and hinge pins can be coated with Teflon®

Orion Industries has created custom Teflon® coatings in a wide variety of industries, including the sectors and applications listed above. If you’re looking for an experienced partner for your coating needs, inquire with our team about the unique and varied ways we can help improve your product with Teflon® to promote correct use, save time or increase the life-span.