Morning Delight

Morning Delight, a company in the business of refurbishing fast food restaurant and hotel equipment


Morning Delight was having problems with the proper servicing of electric waffle irons: It needed to have enough consistency of appearance and quality to make customers content. The obstacles included the basic look of the product and unpredictable delivery needs of different customers.


waffle ironOrion solved the delivery problem with our JIT (Just-in-Time) delivery capability. As far as improving the uniformity of appearance and quality, Orion was able to achieve the needed results with more automation and more consistent production.

It was a win-win situation for Morning Delight, Orion, and the end users as well. Quality was improved in a consistently repeatable manner, and labor costs were reduced due to the elimination of manual steps (which could vary from day to day). Orion's process not only made for a more stable cost of labor, but also more importantly, gave the refurbishing company and its end users the consistent quality and delivery they demanded.