spanek_logoA major U.S. manufacturer of poultry cooking racks


Spanek was stuck with a warehouse full of thousands of parts with defective chrome plating. The cost of stripping the chrome and applying a non-stick coating proved to be significantly less than re-applying the chrome. Not only did the use of non-stick coating prove to be more cost effective, but it greatly enhanced the overall quality of the product as well.


chicken cookerIn addition to providing a roaster with non-stick properties - thus making it easier to clean - the manufacturer's test lab discovered that Orion's coating process gave the racks a significantly higher level of dishwasher-resistance than even the properly applied chrome. Originally offered nationally as an option, today, 100% of Spanek's American and international production is non-stick coated at Orion Industries, using our unique specialized wire goods coating process. Additionally, large orders sold on QVC have recently specified the non-stick Orion FluoroPlate® coating instead of chrome plating due to the fact that it is safer for the environment, as well as providing a higher level of customer satisfaction. This proved to be a win-win situation for the manufacturer and the environmentally conscious consumer. What started out as a "salvage" operation has turned out to be a real benefit to Spanek's sales. Additionally, Orion's coating eliminated any EPA concern over the safety of the product.