Chemical Processing

Chemical Resistant Coatings for Chemical Processing Equipment

Orion has successfully applied chemical resistant coatings for chemical processing equipment such as filter tanks, small vessels, valves, reactors and flanges piping for a wide range of manufacturers. These savage corrosive and high temperature environments are combated with a multi-coat industrial coating applications of one of many fluoropolymers such as PTFE, Halar© ECTFE, and ETFE coatings.

Halar© ECTFE is an exceptionally durable coating and is one of the best coatings for impact and abrasion resistance. Halar coatings provide excellent chemical resistance and have electrical insulating properties over a wide range of temperatures. It also offers permeation and flame resistance, and has good dielectric strength.

To ensure optimal functionality, we focus on the preparation of the metal substrate prior to the application of the chemical resistant coatings, as it is the foundation of the coating adhesion necessary in these high stress environments.

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