Teflon®-Coated Mesh Refines Industry

PTFE coating services for mesh screens are staples of the manufacturing world, often used in liquid and gas filtration, but also utilized in a variety of industrial applications ranging from the refining of petroleum to the fabrication of paper. The hydrophobic properties of industrial Teflon® coatings make the wire cloth instrumental to a manufacturers’ process by separating water from all types of fuel or liquids-water droplets will bead on the surface when a material passes through Teflon®-coated wire cloth.

Water droplets on green fabricHowever, Teflon® coated screens offer benefits aside from the hydrophobic characteristics. The PTFE industrial coatings makes the screens easy to clean and maintain during and after service operations. It also renders the mesh resistant to both corrosion and adhesion, leaving behind an unpolluted surface after exposure to chemicals and resins. Additionally, the screens prevent heat loss and improve drying efficiency. Due to these properties, screens with Teflon® industrial coating services improve product quality while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

Our application of industrial Teflon® coating services to wire cloth is sleek and precise, covering all wire surfaces without obstructing the holes. We are able to completely coat wire screens up to 54 inches in width and continuous lengths up to several hundred feet. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.