Benefits of Coating Systems in the Cheese Industry

Coating services should be considered if you’re in the cheese industry, as they offer numerous benefits that can impact the efficiency and profit of your operation. Let us first, however, look at some of the challenges that are faced by the cheese manufacturing industry and the types of equipment that can be coated with a non-stick or low friction coating.

Challenges Faced by the Cheese Industry

The major challenges that face cheese manufacturers have to do with finding various ways to reduce costs while ensuring consistent high-quality products. This needs to happen while still meeting all regulatory requirements.

One of the ways to reduce costs and increase profits is to reduce the downtime of your operation. Production comes to a standstill when the equipment needs cleaning, which is necessary in all food production industries because it prevents contamination. If the cleaning process takes the least amount of time possible, production resumes faster, resulting in more product, which, in turn, means increased profits.

Profits increase when product dispenses more consistently. If your equipment dispenses the product faster, it will result in more produced within working hours, which again means more is sold — and so, profits are increased. A better consistent flow also means that there will be uniformity of quality and quantity. This will ensure fewer products thrown out because they do not meet the prescribed standards.

As with the production of all food products, there are very strict regulations FDA and USDA regulations to follow when manufacturing cheese. This is what makes it so challenging to implement changes that reduce downtime and increase production.

Types of Coated Equipment

  • All pipe interiors
  • Chutes
  • Molds
  • Augers
  • Heating Troughs
  • Sealing Platens
  • Cutting Blades
  • Cutting Dies

Benefits of Non-Stick Coating Systems in the Cheese Industry

A non-stick coating has many valuable properties that are beneficial to the cheese manufacturer. It has antimicrobial qualities which ensure that dangerous pathogens that cause food poisoning are killed off and don’t get a chance to reproduce. This, of course, guarantees that there is no contamination of the product.

All of the other benefits have to do with the non-stick quality of this coating. Because these coatings are very low friction, they not only guarantee a better flow of product, but production is sped up when the product more quickly passes through the machines.

Cleaning is also easier because of this coating, which significantly reduces the cleaning downtime.

This coating is compliant with all regulations set forth by the FDA and USDA.

By giving your equipment a non-stick coating, you essentially reduce downtime and increase production, while adhering to all health regulations. It is a healthy investment that will yield multiple benefits. If you have any further questions regarding these coatings, or would like a quote, don’t hesitate to call (773) 282-9100.

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