Our Favorite Non-Stick Items Found in the Kitchen

For most people, cooking and baking is a pleasure. It brings family together, it is fun, and the result is almost always delicious. Items that have a non-stick coating make the task of cooking far more enjoyable, especially when it comes to the clean-up.

Scrumptious omelets and tasty cakes lose their appeal if their fillings are stuck to the sides or bottom of the pan or bakeware. Not only does it eliminate the appeal of the food — it ultimately damages the items. Endless scrubbing and soaking can lead to unsightly scruffs and scratches, leaving your beautiful cookware looking used and abused.

The last thing that you want is to find chips of paint in your blueberry muffins, which means one of two things: you either give up on your beloved baking, or you invest in sturdy, reliable cookware that has a resilient industrial Teflon® coating. These items ensure that your food ends up on your plate where it belongs, while also offering increased thermal activity for quicker and more efficient cooking. There is nothing more satisfying to an avid cook than a perfectly formed cake or an unbroken fried egg.

Over the years, food lovers have requested more items that lend a hand when it comes to the non-stick preparation of food. Technology has happily obliged and supplied us with a handful of items that simplify the task of cooking. If you’re wondering whether or not you’ve missed out on one of these cooking sensations, here’s a list of our favorite non-stick items that can be found in the kitchen:

Pots, Pans, and Trays

Cooking and baking brings joy to many, especially when the preparation is for a special occasion. Pans with a non-stick, low friction coating allow people to experiment with everything and anything — from caramelized sugar to thick cheese. Muffin trays and cake pans that are labelled as “non-stick bakeware” require little to no grease or lining. Baked goods slide out of the pans without a hitch, while pancakes can be flipped with the flick of the wrist.

Glass Dishes with a Non-Stick Coating

Borosilicate glass is another non-stick kitchen miracle. Suitable for a variety of oven temperatures, you can regularly check the dish during the cooking process. Ideal for quiches, casseroles, and savory baked goods, non-stick coated glass dishes are a useful alternative to clear glass dishes. Not only do they reduce food sticking, but make for easier clean-up.

Equip yourself with non-stick bake and cookware to ensure that your kitchen ventures result in perfectly molded, tasty dishes that leave little mess. Forget about the days when you spent hours trying to scrub breakfast off of the pan. If you’re looking for resilient and reliable non-stick coating for your kitchen items, give us a call at (773) 282-9100.

A chef with mixing bowl and whisk