Common Industrial Applications of Halar® Coatings

Halar® coatings, also known as ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE) coatings, are widely used in multiple industrial applications due to their unique, varied and exceptional properties. Developed in the early 1970s by the chemical company Allied Company, and now owned by Solvay, it is a type of fluoropolymer that provides excellent chemical resistance, high dielectric strength, and durability. Here are some of the most common industrial applications of Halar coatings, along with their unique attributes for each industry, and examples of product applications:


Halar coatings are used in the aerospace industry to protect aircraft components from atmospheric, environmental, and chemical damage. They are lightweight, fire-resistant, and durable, making them ideal for use in aerospace applications where weight, safety, and performance are critical factors. Product applications include aircraft components, fuel tanks, and electrical components.

Chemical Processing

Halar coatings are highly resistant to chemical corrosion and are often used to protect equipment and structures in chemical processing plants. This makes them ideal for use in harsh environments where chemical, corrosion, permeation, and flame resistance are critical. Product applications include tanks, plating racks, pipes, valves, hoods, filter housings, plate coils, and pumps.

Electronics and Semiconductor

Halar coatings are used to protect electronic components and semiconductor environments from chemical and corrosion damage. Because of their good insulating properties, they are ideal for use in applications where electrical insulation and flame resistance is required. Product applications include circuit board processing, electronic enclosures, exhaust ducts, process equipment, and cable coatings.

Food and Beverage Processing

Halar coatings are commonly used in the food and beverage industry due to their ability to resist bacteria, mold, and other forms of contamination, as well as their high purity. Additionally, these coatings are non-toxic, making them safe for use in food and beverage production. Product applications include food processing equipment, storage tanks, and conveyor systems.


Halar coatings are used to protect marine vessels, structures, and components from corrosion and environmental damage. Halar’s resistance to saltwater makes it ideal for use in marine environments. Product applications include pumps, filter housings, grates, and other marine components and structures.

Oil and Gas

Halar’s chemical and permeation resistance to oil and gas industry applications helps to protect equipment and pipelines from corrosion and other forms of damage. Because Halar coatings are flame resistant, they are ideal for use in the oil and gas industry’s high-temperature environments. Product applications include offshore platforms, pipelines, electromechanical components, and storage tanks.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech

Halar coatings are frequently used in pharmaceutical production due to their non-toxic, non-leaching properties, and high purity. This makes them ideal for use in pharmaceutical and biotech settings, where safety and purity are critical concerns. Product applications include processing equipment, storage tanks, and piping systems.

Power Generation

Halar coatings are often used to protect equipment in power generation plants due to their electrical insulation properties and resistance to heat, chemicals, and corrosion. This makes Halar ideal for use in power generation applications where safety, high performance and durability are critical. Product applications include boilers, turbines, valves, piping, and electrical components.

Applications of Halar Coatings in Multiple Industries

Halar coatings have an essential role in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, providing reliable protection and performance in demanding environments. Industrial applications of Halar coatings have become increasingly popular since first developed over 50 years ago. Specific product applications of Halar coatings vary depending on the industry, but they all benefit from the coatings’ unique properties. Read our related blog for more information about Halar® ECTFE coatings.

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