Teflon® Coated Cheese Molds

Industrial Teflon® Coatings for Cheese Molds

Cheese molds must have a slippery, non-stick surface so sticky cheese can be removed from the cylindrical mold without tearing or distorting the outer surface of the delicate cheese. Consumers want perfect cheese. Orion has time-tested industrial coating formulations that allow cheese to smoothly release from the stainless steel molds better than any other release agent. Orion has the high-volume coating formulations and industrial Teflon® coating services that work.

Orion's FluoroBond® CR PTFE coatings are a proven group of specially formulated coatings that help reduce labor and rejects in the cheese making industry. These field-tested industrial coatings are substantially tougher than any other conventional non-stick PTFE coatings.

Orion can make any coating Anti Microbial upon request.

Click here to view/download Orion's Anti Microbial Info Sheet.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of Chemours and is used under license by Orion Industries, Ltd.