Industrial Automotive PTFE Coating Services

As a Molykote® coatings applicator, Orion Industries, prevented stainless steel tubular exhaust fittings from galling and seizing in service. Orion's application of special high temperature anti-galling/anti-seizure Molykote® coatings applied to the friction or mating surfaces of clamps and components. These Molykote® coatings can resist up to 1,200° F.

Engineering managers of Chrysler's Kenosha engine plant and Dow Corning gave credit to Orion Industries for achieving, in record time, the transition from tin plating to Molykote® D-10 industrial automotive coating on 9,000 to 9,500 piston skirts a day without a delay in the engine plant's just-in-time production system.

Automotive safety system components, from seat belt springs, seat belt tension pawls, lock systems, steering column interlock plungers and many other coated automotive parts have been processed by Orion. Functional coatings have advanced the reliability and quality of automotive systems. Orion has multiple production lines plus a vast inventory of industrial automotive coatings to serve that industry.

Automotive racing parts Orion coats include engine bearings used in NASCAR, valve springs, titanium valve retainers, transmission cases, pivots, shock absorber pistons, and more. We also offer a line of conformable coatings for automotive and industrial air moving devices. These conformable coatings provide the most intimate tolerances and maximize air moving efficiencies.

Orion provides leak-free water pump seal housings by coating the outside of the brass or stainless stamped cup shaped housings with a flexible PTFE coating compound that seals leaks forever. We have developed a dozen colors to differentiate the various sizes and styles of seal housings to assist manufacturing.

Noise is not tolerated in the modern automobile. Orion coats special springs with PTFE coatings, high corrosion dry film lubricants and nylon coatings to prevent noise to keep cars squeak-free and warranty free.

Learn more about Orion's extensive selection of industrial automotive coatings, including Molykote®, Teflon®, our DB-L 908 conformable coatings and more.

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Teflon® is a registered trademark of Chemours and is used under license by Orion Industries, Ltd.

PTFE Coating Services for Automotive Components

Teflon® PTFE Coated Automotive Clamps for High Temp. Applications

Coated Clutch/Brake/Ball Component

Teflon® PTFE Coated Seat Belt Clips

MolyKote® Selectively Coated Piston

DB L-908 Coated Supercharger and Housing

DB Family of Coatings