Caterpillar Corporation


cat_logoOrion Industries worked with NTN Bower Corporation on a problem Caterpillar Corporation was having with galling of a sleeve bearing on a tractor axle. When the bearing was oiled on this part, the entire residue such Caterpillar Coated Engineas wheat and other debris would stick to the oil. This build up became a problem, especially after shutting down for any amount of time. When starting up equipment, there could sometimes be a galling-type problem with dry residue bound up against the now overly-dry mating metal surfaces.


cat_c11acertOrion Industries achieved success by Zinc Phosphating the bearing (for corrosion and adhesion properties) and applying a highly corrosion-resistant dry film lubricant. This proved successful and was continued through the life of program. The success was achieved by the dry film lubricant, providing lubrication while subjected to grinding and pulverizing of all the foreign media, which dissipated as a dust and left the bearing surface dry and clean. After Orion processed the bearing sleeve, it was always ready to function, no matter how often or long shutdowns were.