Gluten-Free Cookware: Orion’s Commitment to Coating Safe Cookware for All

Industrial Coating Services for Cookware

Thanks to advances in modern medicine and nutrition, specifically allergy and food sensitivity testing, more and more people of all ages are given an opportunity to learn what foods to avoid in order to feel their best and operate at their healthiest. Many individuals are learning of gluten sensitivities that doctors previously couldn’t detect. As a result, the gluten-free food movement has taken our country by storm. Where folks could not enjoy certain foods, specifically those heavy in grains like bread, they now can – it’s a beautiful thing!

More restaurants are offering gluten-free options to their customers, even during breakfast, one of the most historically gluten-heavy meals of the day.

Teflon coated waffle maker Plate of waffles

With new waves in the world of nutrition come new methods of food handling in the food service industry. Commercial kitchens must adapt to these changes, and Orion can help in these cases with our coating services. For example, waffles, both frozen and fresh, are a fan favorite at the breakfast table. However, if a diner has a gluten sensitivity, original ingredients in the waffles they now get to enjoy must be replaced, which means that traditional cooking methods might leave their waffles charred or undercooked.


Innovative food service equipment companies are certainly up for the challenge, but with new waffle iron plates, like ones specifically designed to handle gluten-free waffles, comes the need for new coating formulas and varied coating cycles.

Coatings For Gluten-Free Cookware

We at Orion are committed to assisting our customers with gluten-free or other special dietary directives, and we certainly house the coating technology and proven formulations to get these jobs done. With our commitment to applying coatings that allow our customers to bring safe cookware to all, Orion Industries is proud to coat the cookware sent to us by manufacturers who need new coatings to meet dietary needs.