Orion Silicone Coatings

  • FluoroBond® LSR

FluoroBond® Industrial Coating Specifications

FluoroBond® LSR is a translucent matte coating designed to reduce the coefficient of friction (COF) and, hence, the friction force of molded silicone elastomers.  The ability of the FluoroBond® LSR industrial coating system to reduce the surface friction of elastomeric silicone parts enables LIM® (liquid silicone rubber), HCR and RTV materials to be utilized in areas that were previously closed to silicones due to their high inherent COF.

FluoroBond® LSR provides a translucent matte finish that is biocompatible (USP Class VI).  LSR is a chemical bond, providing optimal adhesion and excellent elongation properties.  This makes LSR an excellent alternative to Parylene and expensive lubricants.

Orion Industries has the ability to apply LSR using a proprietary bulk process, making it an economical alternative.  Orion also has the ability to mask select areas using a spray process.

Components we are now applying LSR to include: valves, o-rings, tubing and misc. components.
Orion's FluoroBond® LSR is a great parylene replacement coating that makes silicone slippery.