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ILAG Non-Stick Industrial Coating Specifications

Stoneware and ceramics are known as difficult substrates and pose high demands on coatings. ILAG can now present two innovations for the coating of such substrates, thanks to new technologies. The optimized PTFE coating, Corflon™, shows an outstanding non-stick effect, long durability and extraordinary characteristics for the coating of ceramics and stoneware. All around new, the well-known and successful ILAFLON Resist™ and ILAFLON Resist plus™ non-stick series presents itself, optimized and developed further especially for these demanding substrates.

As a rule, both types of industrial coatings can also be applied to fully glazed substrates to provide outstanding characteristics. This new PTFE coating technology opens up new possibilities for the successful marketing of kitchenware and baking molds made from ceramic materials. Some of our partners will already be showing ceramic-ware with these new coating systems on the Ambiente. The success in professional circles corroborates the concept: ILAG has again developed an innovative PTFE coating service with outstanding prospects of success.