Die Casting

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PTFE Coatings for Die Cast Ice Tray

Industrial Teflon® coating services for Commerical Waffle Iron

Die Cast & Teflon® coatings for Non-Stick Waffle Iron

Industrial Coating Services for Aerospace Fuel Filters

Industrial Coatings for Magnesium Castings

PTFE Coating Services for Castings

Industrial Teflon® Coatings for Die Cast Applications

Die castings require specialized industrial coating techniques in order not to blister or distort the casting during the coating process. Orion can effectively coat castings of any aluminum alloy and in many cases zinc and other low temperature alloys. We specialize in numerous PTFE coating services for die castings.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of Chemours and is used under license by Orion Industries, Ltd.