The Technical Expertise Behind Orion’s PTFE Coating Services

Known for our industrial PTFE coating services, Orion is a leader in the application of Teflon™ and other non-stick coatings. With a rich history dating back to 1964 and a passion for functional coatings, we have consistently served manufacturers and their design engineers with our coating expertise for six decades.

This blog gives an overview of the intricate PTFE coating process and specialized application techniques for ensuring high-quality, performance-driven applications.

Understanding PTFE Coating Services

PTFE, a synthetic polymer of tetrafluoroethylene, is celebrated for its exceptional non-stick and chemical resistance properties. At Orion, the PTFE coating process begins with selecting the optimal PTFE coating. This flexibility in coating choice allows for a wide array of applications, from consumer products and commercial bakeware to highly complex automotive, aerospace, energy and industrial products.

Orion’s PTFE coating process is meticulous and engineered for precision. It involves preparing the substrate to ensure optimal bonding, performance and longevity of the applied coating. Our pretreatment services include grit blasting to remove existing coatings and/or surface irregularities, and roughen the surface to improve coating adhesion. Phosphating and anodizing prior to applying PTFE coatings makes the substrate smoother, stronger and more resistant to chemicals, wear and corrosion.

The PTFE coating is applied using conventional spraying or advanced techniques, such as robotic electrostatic spraying. In the electrostatic method, particles are negatively charged to adhere more effectively to the substrate, ensuring a uniform and precise coating coverage.

Specialized Application Techniques

The versatility of our PTFE coating equipment and services is evident in our ability to tailor the application method to meet the specific geometries and performance needs of our customers’ products. Our specialized techniques for applying PTFE coatings enable the finished product to achieve the desired functional characteristics and performance standards.

Orion has an extensive and diverse array of production equipment for coating various types and sizes of products, from small fasters to large industrial parts. Our combination of manual and automated production cells and different sizes of curing ovens allow for prototyping, short-run production and high-volume production.

Orion’s Commitment to Quality

Orion’s expertise in industrial PTFE coating services is not just about applying functional coatings. It’s about enhancing the performance capabilities of our customers’ products. Our Solutioneering™ approach is to collaborate with our customers to determine the best coating solution for their specific applications. This is combined with our high-quality and repeatable processes to ensure that each project meets the exacting needs and standards of diverse products and industries.

Strategically located in Chicago, Orion’s facility is conveniently adjacent to major transportation routes. We provide functional coating services to companies across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and beyond.

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