Anyone Can Stop the Line, and What that Means for Quality

At Orion Industries, we believe the smartest person in the room is the one three feet from the job. What does that mean exactly?

It means that no matter your title, having your hands directly in the production of our coating makes you the expert. This simultaneously limits errors and creates autonomy for employees of all levels.

Orion’s diverse team brings us great engagement, and little rejection

Our engineering team has invented unique technology that allows us to control the thickness of the non-stick coatings we apply down to three microns!

This didn’t happen because one person demanded it – it happened as a result of a diverse team of individuals with a multitude of talents coming together and harnessing their differences to make our team stronger. As employees at Orion, our team makes our company special and allows us to tackle any job given to us.

As quality-driven individuals with a pragmatic engineering team, we place a great deal of value on numbers as a way to measure that quality, and we know our customers do, too. We have a less than 1% rejection rate of parts we coat and send back to our customers.

Orion’s work is fueled by knowledge and refined expertise

Our chemists are experts when it comes to our coatings. Our maintenance team keeps working conditions safe, and our sprayers are dexterous and cautious when applying coatings. Our technical consultants are well-versed in everything from production to product lead time, and our shipping and receiving department ensure safe handling of precious cargo. The quality team at Orion keeps procedures and certifications up-to-date as our company actively embraces cutting-edge technology and new industry advancements.

Any one of our valued team members at Orion has the power to stop the line when something is not right. They are all three feet from the job. At Orion, we trust our team members and the unique expertise that each of them offers. This is what success looks like. The autonomy and pride in one’s individual role is exactly what sets us apart, and what allows each of us to proudly be a part of Orion!

No more ‘someday.’ Someday is TODAY!