Water Service

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PTFE Coatings for Water Service Applications

Water service mechanisms have several, successful applications for specialized coatings. One of the first successful applications for Teflon® Industrial coated valves was in the fluid and water handling area. Since the 1950's, many products have benefited from low-friction industrial PTFE coatings.

All manners of valves, poppets, safety components, o-ring guides, rotary and sliding valve mechanisms have used a low friction coating to allow smooth cycling of water conditioners and filtration devices.

Orion has developed specialized internal coating devices to coat the bores of brass and glass-filled plastic housings and valve mechanisms. The low friction PTFE coating or Teflon® industrial coating allows freedom of movement of the internal valve mechanism and o-rings, eliminating the friction points that are submerged in water or brine.

The ultimate in function is the coating of both the bore and the valve mechanism. Orion has highly automated spray lines for the coating of cylindrical valve components. These automatic machines reproduce the coating thickness on the critical radii and outer diameters to assure extended warranty and customer satisfaction.

High capacity bronze water conditioner valve bodies contained lead in past designs, Orion worked with major water conditioner companies to eliminate the brass and bronze castings, and the lead contamination, by substituting aluminum castings. Orion has very successfully coated all the inner passages and bores of the large castings.

Rubber water conditioner components also benefit from PTFE coatings & other non-stick industrial coatings. Rotary valve mechanisms and o-rings perform smoothly and consistently with the proper bonded PTFE or Teflon® non-stick coatings. Orion has decades of experience bonding non-stick Teflon® coatings to rubber.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of Chemours and is used under license by Orion Industries, Ltd.