Supercharger Rotors

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Teflon® & PTFE Coatings for Supercharger Rotors

Energy efficiency and pollution reduction of automotive type engines spurred an international company to choose Orion as their strategic partner to perfect the automotive type rotor supercharger. Since 2000, Orion as developed increasingly accurate, robotically applied close tolerance, corrosion resistant and industrial Teflon® coatings that function at 22,000 rpm at continuous temperatures of 430° F. These low-friction PTFE coatings increase the efficiency and reliability of the twin-rotor superchargers.

Efficiency increases are attainable in screw-type rotary air pumping assemblies using Orion's 6 axis robotic, micron accurate industrial coating application. The male and female rotors are geometrically mapped and converted to code for the robotic application. The specialized L9 series of industrial coating service is applied under volumetrically metered, robotically applied control. Specially formulated L9 coatings are available in both non-conformable and conformable versions. The conformable L9-08 actually deforms and compacts as the two rotors contact each other with the initial contact.

Machine Design- Conformable Coating Superchargers

Teflon® is a registered trademark of Chemours and is used under license by Orion Industries, Ltd.