Racing Bearings

Clevite and Orion Industries, true strategic partners for racing engine bearings

Clevite Industrial Coating Services for NASCAR Racing

Clevite is the most respected name in NASCAR racing as the supplier of engine bearings. Orion Industries co-developed the special industrial coating technology, exclusively for Clevite. The following article explains the critical work Orion does for Clevite to provide reliable and winning performance. Several elements of technology were exclusively developed by Orion Industries for Clevite. Extensive testing and process technology developments produced the highest integrity of bond strength, based on exhaustive testing.

  • Extraordinary bond strength to the bearing surface
  • Coating thickness control from .0001"/ .0025" across the bearing face
  • No coating of edges or the critical parting face of the bearings

Orion has provided industrial coating services for more than 500,000 Clevite bearings for NASCAR racing. Read an article in Stock Car Racing here for more details of Orion's strategic partnership with Clevite.