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PTFE Coatings for Miniature Applications

Miniature parts need low friction industrial Teflon® coating services and corrosion resistance however the small size creates unusual application problems that Orion's staff has solved for dozens of customers.

No matter how small or delicate the part, Orion's staff, with decades of experience, can apply Teflon® coatings, other PTFE coatings, chemical resistant coating, corrosion resistant coating, dry film lubricant or any industrial coating that will provide the functional characteristics your miniature part needs. We pay particular attention to the handling of miniature parts and have ultrasonic degreasers and micro blasting equipment to clean and prepare the tiniest of parts for coating. Then, we have many coating stations with microscopes and vision aids so our staff can fixture and coat parts that require tweezers to handles.

After coating, and before the industrial coating cures, Orion implements many in-house techniques, including non-contact measures, to verify that the coating is applied exactly according to specifications. This critical step allows the coating to be verified as to the quality before final curing. This is crucial for miniature parts as the low-mass parts can easily be distorted or destroyed by coating removal after the coating is cured.

We then use laser micrometers and other non-contact measuring devices, digital and analog microscopes, and a host of in-house techniques to verify the final quality of the coated parts, before packaging for shipment.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of Chemours and is used under license by Orion Industries, Ltd.