Conformable Coating for Industrial Usage

Conformable Industrial Coating

Air moving devices require the closet tolerances to maximize efficiency. There are several types of these devices. Rotary screw air compressors and automotive belt driven superchargers all require extremely close tolerances for maxim output.

Orion Industries has a Conformable Coating for industrial usage on products such as turbochargers, air compressors, gear and vacuum pumps, and other materials and applications to provide minimum clearances.

Click here to view a Machine Design Magazine article featuring DB L-908, this article can help explain the many benefits of DB L-908 technology.

Controlling "inner space" creates the ultimate in air moving efficiency

Efficiency improvements ranging from 5% to 21% have been documented for:

  • Stationary, oil free air compressors
  • Stationary, oil wetted air compressors
  • Cryogenic gear pumps
  • Air motors, vane type (side of rotating components)
  • Hydraulic motor (sides of stator and ends or rolling elements)
  • Air locks and rotary feeders
  • Vacuum pumps

The closest, surface-to-surface minimal or zero air gap is produced by DB L-908 industrial coating technology, with reasonably accurate machining tolerances. Final machine finishing can be eliminated by dimensioning rough machined parts and allowing .002" - .004" air gap per part or a .004" - .008" total clearance. The conformable capabilities of DB L-908 will close the air gap and provide a closer tolerance fit than any ground or machined three dimensional surface.

Orion can assist in the refurbishing of rotors and can apply DB L-908 over hard anodizing.

Test DB L-908 programs are readily available through Orion Industries. Orion Industries provides the tightest, closest tolerance "inner space" available.

Contact us and talk with a technical engineer about your project and whether our DB L-908 coating will help you achieve your tolerance goals.

Conformable Coatings for Industrial Usage Applications